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“The Sunlight Solar team was excellent. The salesman was knowledgeable; the installation crew was fast, polite, and professional. I especially appreciated the Construction Coordinator keeping me informed every day of the progress of the installation and what to expect next. The system is making 20-42 kWh every day. When the summer comes, I will be making plenty more and will be showing off the credit on my electric bill.”


“Sunlight Solar was very prompt and proactive, even letting us know that the rebate money was running out last November, and they got our application in quickly so we could get the rebate. Communication was great, everyone was very helpful and polite.”


“I was completely impressed with how SSE handled all steps of my solar system design and installation. Every part of the process proceeded exactly as described. Their prices were competitive. They had a great selection of panels. They also had access to great financing options. I was really impressed with SSE every step of the way. I would recommend them without any reservation to someone who is looking forward to working with a knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and friendly team.”


“I really appreciated how well all the Sunlight Solar staff, from sales to install to support, know about solar tech & policies. All my questions, even the detailed technical ones about panel quality & efficiency, etc, were answered fully (unlike other solar companies that only wanted to tell me about the financial savings).The install was completed in late fall, and all metrics were up and running quickly (daily tracking & SREC registration). I used the state-subsidized solar loan to purchase the system, and Sunlight Solar accommodated that process & timeline well. Every time I’ve had a question, I get a very quick response, even now, six months later.”


“We bid our solar installation job to three companies. We found Sunlight Solar to be our best choice for price and value. We felt we received an honest sales presentation made by a well prepared and knowledgeable salesperson. As the installation progressed we were every pleased with the professionalism and cooperative spirit exhibited by all of their staff from office staff to installers to electricians. We would recommend their services to anyone interested in solar panel installation.”



“Sunlight Solar Energy did a fantastic job from start to finish. They communicated well from one stage to the next, walked us through the system’s easy operation in the end, and left us with a simple-to-understand book with our system’s design and operation, warranties and installation documents, and manuals and data sheets. They stressed that they’re always available for any questions we have, and the energy tax credits made the decision to go solar an easy choice for us!





“It was a pleasure working with Sunlight Solar Energy. From the early stages of planning through installation.”

-Leonardi Aray Architects


“We loved working with Sunlight Solar.  They were professional, courteous, and well… excellent!  The system they provided is clean and clearly has the look of pride of craftsmanship.”

-John S.


“We enjoyed working with the Sunlight Solar team, who made this one of the easiest home improvement projects we have ever done. We are hoping we will get several decades of clean energy from our new system.”

-Andy T


Eileen Russell, Milford CT, solar-powered since 2009:

“In the peak of the summer, with our central air on 78 all the time, our hot tub, and a dehumidifier on all the time, two refrigerators, and our ceiling fans on a lot, our bill has never gone over $150…I love looking at the meter to see how many lbs of CO2 have not entered the environment.”

David Yarmoff, Westport CT, solar-powered since 2007:

“We installed our 56 panel array in 2007 and it has been virtually maintenance free since then…It is the best financial and environmental decision I’ve ever made.”

Elaine Brodeur, Bethlehem CT, solar-powered since 2009:

“I love my system!  I have not paid an electric bill since April and probably won’t pay again until December.”

Shannon Dow, Morris CT, solar-powered since 2011:

“We get 100% of our electricity from the sun, so we’re really pleased! I found everyone we worked with at the company to be extremely professional, pleasant to work with, informative, and efficient.”

John Markelon, Goshen CT, solar-powered since 2009.

“We are delighted with our PV installation.”